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Axox Fitness Treadmill Track 1


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  • Motor Power 1.5 HP | Max User Weight 100 kg
  • Max Speed 16 km/hr | 10 Level Incline
  • LCD blue Screen
  • Running surface 1250 x 420 mm
  • 12 Pre-set programs + 1 manual + 3 user’s manual
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The Axox Fitness Treadmill Track 1 is a versatile fitness equipment that offers a range of features to enhance your fitness experience. With its powerful motor and max user weight capacity of 100 kg, this treadmill is suitable for individuals of all fitness levels.

Motor Power 1.5 HP

The Treadmill Track 1 is equipped with a 1.5-horsepower motor, which provides a smooth and quiet operation. This motor ensures a steady and consistent walking or running experience, allowing you to reach your fitness goals comfortably.

Max Speed 16 km/hr

This treadmill offers a maximum speed of up to 16 km/hr, allowing for a fast-paced and challenging workout. Whether you are looking to burn calories, improve your cardiovascular fitness, or train for endurance, the Treadmill Track 1 has got you covered.

10 Level Incline

To challenge your body and target specific muscle groups, the Treadmill Track 1 features a 10-level incline adjustment. This gradual incline provides an additional level of intensity, simulating outdoor terrain and increasing the burn more calories.

LCD Blue Screen

The Treadmill Track 1 comes equipped with an LCD blue screen that displays essential workout data. The screen tracks your speed, distance, time, calories burned, and heart rate in real-time, allowing you to monitor your progress accurately.

Running Surface 1250 x 420 mm

The treadmill features a generously sized running surface measuring 1250 x 420 mm, providing ample room for a comfortable and safe workout. The wide surface allows for a smooth stride, reducing the risk of injuries and enhancing your exercise experience.

12 Pre-set Programs

The Treadmill Track 1 includes 12 pre-set programs that offer a variety of workout options, targeting different muscle groups and fitness goals. These programs guide you through different intensity levels, providing a structured workout routine without the need for guesswork.

1 Manual + 3 User’s Manual

In addition to the pre-set programs, the Treadmill Track 1 also offers 1 manual program and 3 user’s manuals. These manuals provide detailed instructions and guidance on how to operate and maintain the treadmill, ensuring its proper use and longevity.

With its powerful motor, max speed, incline adjustment, and user-friendly features, the Axox Fitness Treadmill Track 1 offers an ideal workout solution for individuals of all levels. The combination of pre-set programs and manual options allows for versatile and challenging workouts, helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Model Number AX-S745
Usage Home Use
Motor Power 1.5 HP
Motor Type DC
Speed Range 1-16 kph
Maximum User Weight 100 Kg
Running Area / Belt Size (LxW) 49 x 16 Inches
Incline Level 0 – 10%
Workouts / Programs 12 Pre set programs + 1 manual + 3 user’s manual
Package Dimensions (LWH) 159 x 75 x 32 cm
Package Weight 47 Kg
Warranty 5 Years, Terms and conditions applied


Heart Rate Monitoring LCD blue Screen
You're viewing: Axox Fitness Treadmill Track 1 Original price was: AED 1,989.75.Current price is: AED 1,491.00.
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