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Spalding Pro Slam Rim SN7888SCNR


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Spalding Pro Slam Rim SN7888SCNR is designed for outdoor play.

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Let it fly from long range. The sturdy Spalding Pro Slam Rim SN7888SCNR has a steel construction that can handle the vibrations of your deepest threes. It’s spring-loaded for a smooth breakaway and comes with an all-weather net.

Undoubtedly, the basketball, back board and the hoop is the three common essential components in a basketball game. Choose this Spalding Pro Slam Rim for you will be imbibed with the confidence to play the game with much zest! Always rely on the industry best and Spalding Pro Slam Rim never lets you down!


  • 2 7/8″ x 2 1/2″ mounting bracket
  • Steel breakaway rim
  • Smooth spring action
  • Includes all-weather net
  • Designed for outdoor play


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